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VANDEWIELE (CHINA) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958, and has been the front runner in the development and production of yarn feeders for the textile industry since then. Today the group enjoys a global market share of approx. 60%. The success is a result of ongoing investment in innovation and increased performance, whilst ensuring a cost effective, affordable product.

Simply explained, a yarn feeder consists of an electric motor with additional mechanical parts, a control and sensing system. The electric motor used is a vector-controlled motor equipped with permanent magnets of a very high energy density. 

Not only does this PM motor produce better performance than an asynchronous motor as previously used in this application, but also the weight is reduced by an incredible 75%. The rotation of the motor is controlled by accurate, highly responsive electronics, without the need to incorporate a pulse sensor, which enables further cost reduction. The electronics is developed by our sister compamy Aros Electronics. A technique developed in-house enables a mathematical algorithm to be used to measure the current in the motor and convert this information to dictate the position of the rotor. The optical sensors used to detect yarn movement, can detect yarns as thin as 25um within a time frame of 10 us. This takes place continuously 100 times per second, day after day, year after year, in extremely dusty industrial environments. The communication with the surrounding machinery takes place by the assistance of a CAN bus. We are proud to state that our yarn feeders, together with the weaving machines, usually have an accessibility ranging of 96-99%.